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Weldon Industries has recently become an authorized distributor of RhinoRock fencing materials. This fencing is 90% lighter than traditional concrete fence, has a wind load capacity of 120mph, and it flawlessly duplicates the beauty of stone while providing weatheribility.

A Rhinorock patented concrete clad wall is affordable because it is produced with a unique manufacturing process that makes the fencing panel 90% lighter than a traditional heavy concrete fence. Lower weight means lower production, installation, and shipping costs. The cost of a RhinoRock panel is considerably less than the traditional solid heavy weight panels.

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The RhinoRock concrete clad foam core fence is manufactured in Provo, Utah at our state of the art facility. Due to the products light weight we can ship 800 lineal feet of product on one truck. This allows us to ship material economically all over the country.

The RhinoRock concrete clad foam core fence has been used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. So we can beautify any project that you might have, so give us a call to find an installer in your area.

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